2016 Weddings Recap

I have the sweetest couples and boy, I know I'm lucky! This was my first wedding season as a full time photographer and it was magical. I had five incredible couples and while I know compared to a lot of other photographers that is just a tiny smidgen, this was big for me!

These couples trusted me with documenting their love, families and celebrations for future generations to cherish. Yeah yeah, maybe I'm being corny but it is truly a huge joy and honor for me! Think about it... my images may be in the hands of a couple's great-grandchildren one day. I'm able to be a window into a time long gone. Okay, I have to stop thinking about it or I'll get nervous and teary all at the same time! 

So, those five awesome couples... I have precious memories from each of these awesome weddings. 

Erin + Chance | June 25, 2016 | Warriors Mark, Pennsylvania 

To be honest, I typically don't cry at weddings. I'm so far into "work mode" that I block all of those emotions out. But this one... goodness. Erin and Chance so fiercely love their families and it was the center of their day. Their ceremony was filled with extremely personal devotional music performed by Erin's siblings (yes, the entire family is ridiculously musically talented) and around every corner was a heartfelt note, special speech and incredible toasts. I will never forget her dad's toast to her and Chance... wowza. Their venue was stunning and Erin's eye for color created the most beautiful bridal party! These two totally blew me away. 

Katie + Jeremy | August 13, 2016 | Stewartstown, Pennsylvania


You would never know it by looking at their images but guys - it was easily 100 degrees with a heat index of 114 degrees and the bride had a sinus+ear infection. WHAT!? Yet they managed to enjoy their day, love each other wholly and end the night with some passed around hooch. While I know it was stressful for Katie and Jeremy, the heat is actually something I remember fondly from their wedding day. Why? Well, because despite the lack of a breeze, dozens of bottles of Gatorade, ice misting bottles and buckets of sweat... these two had the most incredible day! I was so proud of them, inspired by them and thrilled with their images. I loved Katie's bright color scheme and Jeremy takes the award for most easy going groom! 

Jenise + Bruce | September 4, 2016 | Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Sometimes the bridesmaids at my weddings turn into my brides (which is fantastic) but this is the first time the mother-of-the-bride has turned into one of my brides! IT WAS AWESOME! Jenise and Bruce had a very small and family-focused ceremony and a lovely family-style meal for their reception. Her daughter and son-in-law are 2015 wedding clients of mine! When Jenise reached out, I jumped at the opportunity to work with this amazing family again. Each moment of this intimate wedding was meaningful and centered around their (super-freaking-fun) adult children! 

Bobbi-Jo and Jacob | September 10, 2016 | Manheim, Pennsylvania

I have very fond memories of this wedding because of all of the laughter. I'm serious, everyone was so joyous and happy all day long! These two originally weren't sure if they needed a photographer but Bobbi-Jo's sister (also one of my clients) convinced her they needed me and I couldn't be more thrilled. These bridesmaids were some of the most helpful and kind that I've ever worked with. Even during the intense stress of the getting-ready and setting-up process these girls went above and beyond for the bride and it was amazing to watch. There was so must happy laughter and this venue was of course, stunning! 

Katy + Corey | September 17, 2016 | Red Lion, Pennsylvania 

Katy and Corey wed on a magnificently gorgeous day on their own farm in front of quite possibly the largest crowd I've ever seen! It was so special for them to be able to say "I do" own their own gorgeous, sprawling property. Plus, they had some of the most stunningly vibrant florals I've ever photographed at a wedding. They wanted to keep it simple and focused on family and friends. Katy told their guests to come as you are... their presence was all that was important! Guests sat on straw bales during the ceremony and shared an incredible meal together in the barn at long communal tables. This day was about celebrating family, friends and commitment - and it was so sweet. I think my favorite memory from this day was how at the end of the night, the guests helped Katy and Corey clean up! Talk about love, gratitude and helpfulness! 

Technically my 2016 wedding season isn't finished but I'm starting to count Kelsey and Dan's New Year's Eve wedding as a part of my 2017 crew. How special is it to end a season and start a new one on the same day!?

I couldn't have managed to work my way through this season without Momsistant (my amazing mom who is always devoted to helping me grow and succeed) and Kyle (my incredibly patient and supportive fiance who tolerates me being gone on the weekends, editing into the wee hours of the night and needing lots of shoulder rubs during wedding season). Also, big big thanks to the 11+ couples who have trusted me with their 2017 wedding day memories. I can't wait!