6 Things That Drive Me Crazy As A Photographer

I absolutely love my job and my clients. But of course, as with any profession, there are things that just drive me completely crazy. Some of these things just make me roll my eyes while others make me want to pull my hair out. Regardless, they happen all the time so I consider them just a part of the gig! 

1. When clients add filters before sharing their images on social media 

I take a lot of time and a lot of care editing images to be the best representation of my clients, the environment and my style (which tends to lean towards very clean and classic with vibrant colors). Once you have added a filter to a photographer's finished image, you are no longer sharing the photographer's product. Plus, when working with me this is a violation of your contract. In all honesty though, if you're going to add a filter, please don't credit me. 

2. When people say, "wow, your camera takes really amazing pictures!"

Yes, I taught it everything it knows. For the most part, I get where people are coming from here and it's usually from a very sweet and genuine place. But saying my camera takes amazing photos is like saying, "that chainsaw does incredible wood carvings"! 

3. Being told I have the easiest job in the world 

"All you have to do is walk around and take pictures and you get paid. That must be nice." Yeah, that must be nice. I don't know how that works but I would love to learn more. 

4. Being asked to recreate a Pinterest trend

You probably didn't realize it but that dinosaur running behind a wedding party was once an artist's original idea and while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I'm not comfortable kidnapping another artist's work. In all honesty though, Pinterest sets really unreal expectation for clients and consumers. Have you ever seen those Pinterest fail baking and craft posts? The same thing can happen with photography when you have a 6'2" 110 lb model and a 5'3" 135 lb real bride. We are all different sizes, shapes, heights, personalities and styles and it's an injustice to yourself to not seek out your own version of original. That's why I strive to guide my clients into poses and situations that look best for their bodies and mesh with their personalities. We will create those Pinterest-worthy images without having to steal someone else's idea. 

5. When people ask me, why I went to college if I was "just going to be a photographer" 

Holla at me Nittany Lions! I love my school. There's actually very few things I'm passionate about as much as I am about my school. Going to college for me was much more than "learning photography" because I do firmly believe the best way to create better images is to practice and to learn from other professionals. College for me was about learning to function as an adult, taking on new responsibilities, discovering what the world has to offer, opening my mind to so much of the world I knew nothing about and being taught how to run a business. Taking pictures is just a tiny fraction of being a photographer. The most important things I've learned from my university experience that directly relate to my business were business management, networking and accounting. 

6. Being expected to be available on a weekend May - November 

Sorry fam, it's just not happening. I'll see you at Christmas! 

Images of me above by Cait Kramer Photography