Melissa + Zach | MARRIED {throwback blog}

West Chester, Pennsylvania vintage backyard summer wedding 

I thought it was appropriate to round out the throwback blogs week with Melissa and Zach. Of all of my couples, these two take the cake for the most relaxed and funny! There was not an ounce of nerves from either one of them throughout the day. I remember feeling like, these two love each other so deeply. We had a blast all day long! I already felt a deep connection to these two but I am so honored to have been able to celebrate and capture this day with them. Melissa is a cancer survivor and a speech-language pathologist working with young children with complex medical histories, developmental delays, multiple disabilities and many other health challenges. Zach is in his final year of seminary. They both are passionate about helping others, giving back and fostering love and inclusion in their community. Did you just get chills? Yeah. I totally heart these two. Their ceremony was perfectly meaningful and their reception was amazing! I mean, come on. They had a food truck that provides locally sourced food and then gives back to their community. There were local cheeses at cocktail hour and dessert included donuts! Can you tell I love food? This wedding truly felt like a big thank you to their friends and family.