The Products That Keep My Business Moving

As wedding season ramps up and I get busier with more time behind the camera and more time in front of a computer screen, I want to share some of my every day essential products with you! I love these so much I had to share them. No one pays me... in fact, I usually am the one paying them! This is not a paid post, merely me sharing some of my favorite things that keep my business moving. 


I never blogged because I hated the hours worth of prep. It would honestly take me nearly an entire day to put together a blog post the way I wanted it to look. My soul sista and fellow photog, Caity, recommended BlogStomp and called it 'the best money she's ever spent'. Well, you don't have to tell me twice. BlogStomp has completely changed my workflow and given me the ability to blog in a fraction of the time it used to take me. 

Betabrand yoga pant dress pants

I need a good balance of looking professional and cute (hire me, please!) and being comfortable on very long and exhausting wedding days. I love the way dresses look but sometimes I am climbing, jumping, bending and running too much so comfortable dress pants that don't make me want to run home and put on pajamas are a must. I found these and they're worth the price tag. Trust me. I'm ready to invest in my next pair already! 


I don't even know where to start with ShootProof. I signed up for their free account nearly 5 years ago and my membership has continued to grow as has their integrations and capabilities. I can now export and upload right from Lightroom using ShootProof. I use ShootProof to manage my client contacts, do all my online invoicing and receipts, track my client's payment due dates, send reminders, send contracts for signing and literally so much more (+ delivering client galleries and presenting a beautiful product)! 

Peppermint essential oil

This is a must. Every day. I always keep multiple bottles of this on hand with me (purse, camera bag, nightstand, car... you get the point). I suffer from chronic migraines and after being on various preventative medications for years, I decided to forgo any daily medication in exchange for just managing the migraines I have as they come. The peppermint essential oil takes my mind off of the pain (a little trick of the way our nerves work because humans have a difficult time feeling multiple sensations at once) by making my skin tingly so I get a break from the throbbing! This is key for my ability to shoot long wedding days and stare at my computer screens. Plant Therapy is my favorite brand - a friend recommended it to me a few years ago and I won't ever use another type of EO! 


My Tieks are my absolute favorite shoe to shoot weddings in. I have multiple pairs and they're the only ballet flat that has ever been comfortable to me right out of the box. They fit tight like socks to reduce rubbing and while I have had to put inserts in mine for my lower back, the footbed is bouncy and does provide some cushion. I try to look professional and cute while shooting which can be hard because sometimes I am so tired and flustered that I look like completely crazy. My Tieks help combat the crazy. 


I love Gmail so much that I really don't know where to start. Without Gmail, Google calendar, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Forms, I could not function. This is a borderline unhealthy obsession. I love you, Google. 


I was a hot mess last year when it came to scheduling. It honestly was my biggest pet peeve and complaint about my job. Sometimes I would have so many inquiries for portrait dates and my scheduling would be all over the place because by the time a client chose a time, someone else might have beat them to it. Acuity allows me to input my schedule and availability, send a link to the client and allow them to choose and book their session time. It also handles client intake surveys for me. This is another one of those business tools that I tried really hard not to pay for and then realized after the fact that it was the best investment I could have made. 


There are a lot of other tools that make my life easier but these are some of my under-recognized favorites! Shout out to all of the other boss ladies kickin' it on their own. I'm so proud of you!