The SSP Experience: Why I Don't Take Every Wedding That Comes Along

I often receive email inquiries from brides that mention they are chatting with several other photographers. Typically it is a statement slid into the end of the inquiry explaining that the bride is just price shopping or seeing what is the maximum amount of coverage she can book within her budget. While I would love to book every bride that comes my way, this usually isn't a bride that I am interested in working with.


It is always my goal that my clients are seeking me out for the entire SSP Experience, not a discount. I believe in transparency and that's why my investment price is listed on my website. I completely understand that for some couples, I'm out of their price range. I don't want to waste their precious planning time going back and forth before cutting to the chase. That doesn't help anyone.  

Having a budget when searching for a wedding photographer is obviously understandable but I recommend taking the time to learn the styles you like and find a photographer you're obsessed with before you even email them because is virtually impossible for those of us in the creative industry to price match. Comparing two photographers is really like comparing apples and oranges. The only thing they have in common is that they are fruits and they produce juice, but even that juice is really different! Catch my drift? 

I'm a small business owner. I am engaged and planning a wedding. I'm a dog mom. I love sweet tea. I am human. This industry is my livelihood. And it's the greatest joy. 

I work with clients who seek me out for my talent, my expertise and my style. My clients value photography above all else on their wedding day and they know that once the vows are said, cake is cut and toasts are made... their marriage and their images are all that remain. I want to invest in a relationship with a couple as much as they want to invest in the experience that I can offer them. I want to meet your grandma, snuggle your baby niece, play with your puppy, hear about your honeymoon plans, talk business with your dad and laugh with your sisters. I get the joyous pleasure of capturing some of the happiest, most emotional, intimate and memorable moments of their lives so far together. 

When I book clients, I'm not just booking a couple. I'm booking two people that I welcome into my life with open arms. I value their time and friendship and they value mine. It's not lost on me how lucky I am to be adding friends to my life so often.

I'm looking for couples who are seeking genuine connection and a well-rounded experience. Are you ready to become an SSP bride?