It's My Birthday! | PERSONAL POST

Yes, it's my birthday! This week is packed full of goodness. Yesterday I toured our wedding venue during their annual open house, today I'm celebrating my birthday with breakfast out and then a trip to the vet for Butters' yearly checkup (exciting... I know), tomorrow I have a hair trial for my wedding and finally... this weekend Vique and Brian are getting married! 

Looking back at this past year I think it was defined by a lot of professional growth with the expansion of SSP Weddings and the movement into three years as a full time photographer. But there was a lot of personal goodness too. I'm so blessed to spend each day surrounded by incredible family and friends who make every year better than the last. 

25 was a weird feeling... like you're not early-twenties (so you're not young and naive and just out of college) but you're not late-twenties (so you're not totally a real bonafide old person). So many of my biggest milestones came while I was 24 - we moved, bought a house, got engaged, started planning a wedding, I quit my office job, grew this business, etc. - but this past year was about expanding on those milestones! 

There was a lot of work on #VictorianonSecond...

There was a lot of wedding planning...

There were puppies... 

And there were a lot of weddings (read: sore backs and warm hearts) ...

There was this guy. He's pretty cool I guess. 

My inner activist gained immense confidence and I found a community of humans who think just like me. #NastyWoman #ResistEnlistPersist 

And then there were these pretty people (and many more not pictured) who made each day of 25 so perfect. It's such a joy to have friends who are like family and family who are always friends. Thank you for making my year so special and my birthday so fun! 

One of my favorite things that I didn't get to do a lot of this year because of planning our wedding is traveling. I feel like everybody says that, right? Nothing sets my soul on fire like seeing new places and exploring our beautiful planet. 26 is definitely going to consist of more traveling to places near and far (up first are Charleston and the Yucatan). But for now, I'm reminiscing on two of my favorite spots - Ireland and St. Croix. As a freebie for you on my birthday, I'm sharing eight travel shots! You can use them as your computer desktop to inspire your own wanderlust or print them to display as art in your home. However you use them, I hope they'll encourage you to step out of your front door and explore the world this year. 


Cheers to all of you who make my life so bright and cheers to me as I celebrate year 26!