Why I Dance At Weddings

The short answer: Because I love love. 

I recently had a wedding guest approach me on the dance floor during my last hour of coverage for an incredible couple. He tapped me on the shoulder and told me (somewhat sternly) that I should focus on taking pictures. Note: there was an added "because that's what you're being paid to do" statement from this older gentleman. His tone was that of a warning or attempt at discipline. 

What was I doing? I was dancing with the maid of honor and singing along loudly to a certain song about butts from 1992. 

This is nothing new. I dance and celebrate at almost every wedding I shoot. While yes, still doing my job. 

A big part of every wedding I shoot (as a primary or as a second shooter) is getting to know the important people involved in the day. We strive to be both observers and positive participants in a couple's wedding day. Long gone are the days where the photographer arrives, silently captures a few moments and then quietly exits only to deliver a proof book 6 weeks later. 

I'm actively involved in the planning and execution of each of my couple's wedding days. Not because it's all about me but because I believe that accurately capturing the feeling of each special moment requires getting to know my clients and their families and friends. I don't ever want to be the cold presence shoving a lens in their faces. I want to be the relatable friend who is capturing their joy. 

So, yes. I dance. I sing. I celebrate. I have a good time. 

I love love. The biggest joy of being a wedding photographer is the privilege of capturing so much joy, love and commitment in one day. I get the pleasure of seeing my clients' family and friends come together to happily celebrate a union of two amazing people. I see proud grandmas, college friends in complete awe, selfless siblings and honored guests surrounding my clients' with their warm thoughts and well wishes. There is a lot of love at weddings and a boat load of pure joy. 

And do you know the best way to joyfully celebrate someone? ... ya dance. 

It's part of the job.