A Week As SSP

Using InstaStories, sharing a behind-the-scenes, honest view of what it's like to be a full time work from home photographer and editor for a full week!

I get a lot of comments and questions on working full time from home, being a small business owner and the fun of being a wedding photographer. I'm so lucky to have a flexible schedule that allows me to go to the grocery store when it's empty (instead of a Sunday mid-afternoon), make appointments whenever works best for me, meet with clients almost any day of the week, be home with my dog and see my fiancé almost every night. This time of year, on the weekends it can be hard and I don't see my family as much as I want to because I'm serving my awesome clients! 

This week, I've decided to give an honest (no makeup) peek into my life using Instagram Stories. I'll be sharing photographer things like: my workflow and some editing, how I plan and pack for a wedding, behind-the-scenes at a gorgeous wedding that I am solo shooting, the upkeep of business planning and accounting and so much more! Plus I'll mix those in with my personal tasks like: keeping my house clean, work/life balance, planning my own wedding and plenty of puppy posts of Butters. Let's spend the week together! 

So, if you've ever wondered what it's like to work from home, be a full time photographer or if you're just nosey and want to see the chaos that is currently my house, I hope you will follow along! I think it should be fun!  Pop on over and follow me on Instagram so that you don't miss all of the craziness.