The Benefits To A Delayed Honeymoon

We're taking a delayed honeymoon. What does that mean? 

Instead of leaving for our honeymoon immediately after our wedding, we have decided to wait more than 14 weeks before we'll depart for 12 days in Mexico. 

While we would have loved to jet off immediately after our wedding to continue the celebrations, it just wasn't feasible for us. Our wedding is August 19th so I'll still be in the middle of wedding season. The decision to wait to take our honeymoon started as a business decision. We were planning so far ahead and I didn't want to turn down potential clients (ie: income) when we could certainly find a less popular time to travel. Since then, we've discovered a handful of potential benefits to taking a delayed honeymoon! I want to share them in the hopes that this will inspire another bride! 

  • A wedding day is exhausting... and so is traveling. We are looking forward to actually being energized and ready to enjoy our honeymoon (even if most of it involves cocktails on the beach and long naps). I don't know about you, but when I'm tired and sore and lacking sleep, I get grumpy. I want to arrive ready to happily sip a margarita and eat my weight in tacos.

  • We're extending our "marriage" celebrations! By honeymooning months after our wedding we'll take time to reflect on everything and reminisce with months of hindsight! So often it feels like you prepare for so long for your wedding and then in one day it's over. This gives us something to look forward to after the hoopla of the wedding is over.

  • It reduces the stress of planning! Planning a wedding and a trip at the same time can be extremely difficult and stressful. By delaying the honeymoon, it gives you more time to figure out the small details.

  • It reduces the day-of stress dramatically. Knowing that you have to pack for a trip and pack for your wedding day can be really overwhelming.

  • Delaying also allows you to stick around and help with all of the wedding after-math which otherwise would be the hands of moms, siblings and relatives. It can reduce the guilt you'd have about taking off and leaving your favorite people to deal with all of your crap.

  • You can split up your vacation time from work. Especially if you're waiting until a new calendar year to take your honeymoon, you may be able to take a longer trip because you'll have more time off of work!

  • Those wedding gifts can help you with your honeymoon payments. You'll have more time to afford your dream honeymoon instead of making sacrifices.

Remember, those honeymoon resort packages aren't just available to those who are fresh off of their big day. They won't care that you have delayed your trip a little bit and you'll still be treated to all of the bells and whistles that newlyweds receive. There are plenty of reasons to consider a delayed honeymoon! 

I can't wait to share the details of ours after we return on December 5th!