7 Things I'm Loving in July

It's time for another round up of things I'm loving right now because they're just too good to keep to myself. I love these fun posts and they're always so popular! It's almost the end of July which in my head translates to... it's August > Christmas is next week > omg it's 2019. 

Things have been extremely hectic around here and maybe one day soon I'll sit down and write out how my heart feels about the last seven months. But there have been some things bringing me joy, peace and excitement in July! So, let me share them with you! 


1. Stasher reusable silicone bags 

These are the thoughtful, easy to clean, reusable, non-toxic, eco-friendly and environmentally safe alternative to plastic bags. I bought two to use for my fresh wedding day snacks like cut bell peppers or fruit slices but now I just want to run out and buy more for everyday use too! We switched to glass storage containers a few years ago but now I'm really excited about the prospect of being able to easily eliminate plastic zip bags from my life too! While they're not cheap right off of the bat, they're endlessly reusable and I've loved using them on wedding days for snacks and sandwiches. Girls gotta eat. 

2. J.Crew Factory 

Another one for my wedding industry boss babes. I don't know what's going on over there at J.Crew Factory but they've been running some KILLER sales. I don't love wearing the same outfit to weddings back to back and I'm known to have wardrobe meltdowns like most girls. I need something that makes me feel good, moves with me and says, "this couple hired me and you should too" to throw on and walk out the door in for wedding days. Currently obsessing over this gingham dress

3. My Simplified Planner

I'm a big ole Emily Ley fan and that doesn't come as a surprise to most of you. But the academic additions of the Simplified Planner start next week so I've been spending my time organizing and setting up my planner. Last year I used it to help establish some healthy habits and routines so I can't wait to expand on those this year. This was also the catalyst of me beginning to say no to things. I started filling in my planner for 6+ months in advance and realized I already had no free time. Looking forward to the next 12 months helped me to decide what truly matters and begin to simplify my schedule. The academic additions are sold out but you can get your yearly addition in the daily or weekly version starting September 5 at 10 AM. 

4. Architectural Designs on Instagram

We have big dreams of building one day and I was spending houuuuurs on the Architectural Designs website looking through house plans. Following them on Instagram gave me those hours of scrolling back but also lets me keep up with all of the modern farmhouse goodness. *one day, one day* 

5. Spindrift 

I love La Croix but admittedly I can get a bit sick of their flavors sometimes and I wish there was just a wee bit something more to them. Hallloooooo Spindrift. I have loved the grapefruit for a long time but now I'm trying desperately to track down the half and half. Tell the Spindrift gods to send this to the Target in Exton, PA! There's about 4 empty cans of this just sitting on my desk right now and I'm about to go grab another. 

6. This travel wallet

I bought it for Iceland and am so happy to have it when we go away again in August! It fits both of our passports, my money, cards, a pen and boarding passes or paperwork really well with lots of room to spare. Plus, it was less than $15 and comes in like... 2 dozen colors. 

7. My Lowepro Pro Roller

I could write a novel about how much I love and appreciate my Lowepro rolling camera bag but l'll keep it short and sweet. This thing has taken a BEATING and it looks brand new. It's saving my back and spine this season too. I wish I had invested in one sooner. I have the x200 AW model but there are others that are larger or smaller.