Butters' 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday, little girl!

Our baby girl is THREE! She is the brightest sunshine in our lives and even (almost) three years after welcoming her home, the novelty hasn’t worn off. Our teeny tiny little hound baby is one spoiled rotten little nugget. She is definitely still a daddy’s girl and gets antsy every day about 30 minutes before he comes home but she’s best behaved for her mama and comes to me first when something is really wrong.

Last year for her birthday, we shared all about how you can help homeless pets, fight against puppy mills and help decrease the shelter animal population.

This year, in the spirit of Marie Kondo and Tidying Up, we want to encourage you to donate your linens and towels that no longer spark joy to your local animal shelter! They can always use towels, blankets and sheets for the kennels! So please, before you throw out your abundance of old bath towels or raggedy blankets, throw them in the wash and then drop them off at your nearest animal shelter. A dog, kitty or other four legged friend will be very grateful for something to snuggle.

This year we’ll be enjoying a snow day, snuggled up inside. There will be lots of kisses, treats and people food.

Enjoy a gigantic iPhone dump of Butters’ photos from the last year!

A Weekend in Maine

Early voting, dogs, L.L. Bean, same day voter registration, Vineyard Vines, beer, Bernie Sanders, Subarus, lobster

This blog post is loooong overdue and Casie and Nicole will be rolling their eyes right now because that’s an understatement. Back in OCTOBER, yes, October, we took a girls trip weekend to Maine and I’m finally sitting down to go through our photos! That’s what happens when everyone else’s wedding photos come first. Oops.

This was such a fun trip filled with amazing food, lots of dogs, no moose sightings for Casie (sorry girl), cold rain and topped off with Casie climbing down/on every rock formation she could find. Girl has no fear. Don’t take her to cliffs.

This is by no means an itinerary post but we drove from southeastern Pennsylvania straight to Freeport to shop for the afternoon and I didn’t do well resisting the urge to buy everything at L.L. Bean. Nicole had to be talked out of coming home with a pair of snow shoes. From there we based ourselves for the next day and half out of Portland.

We ate at Rí Ra, Flatbread Company (I would eat there daily if I could), Maine potato donuts at The Holy Donut, and the famous Duckfat.

I spent entirely too much money at The Black Dog Tavern Company and don’t regret it a bit, we saw a lot of lighthouses and listened to a lot of people complain about Sen. Susan Collins - girlfriend, byeeeee (this was just a few days after the Kavanaugh confirmation). All in all, Maine was definitely our liberal, preppy, welcoming happy place and it was the perfect girls getaway spot!

10/10 would recommend. 😉

… we got photobombed by a lady instructing her husband on how to take her pic. OOPS.

So, this little pier might have been super cute once upon a time but Nicole was very freaked out by the “creepy beach” we visited. It definitely had an apocalyptic vibe! Maine in the winter is weird, man.