How I Feel About October

I see your punny fall posts, your pumpkin spice everything, your plaid scarves and leather booties. I smell the apple pie candles and I’m totally hungry for stuffing and sweet potato casserole too. But, it’s October.

Instead of making s’mores with my family, I’ll be spending my weekend capturing beautiful portraits for yours. Instead of decorating my porch for Halloween, I’ll be working late nights in my office making sure my dozens and dozens of clients are happy.

You see, it’s October. You love this month. The trees are turning those gorgeous jewel-toned colors and the weather is finally giving us relief from the sweltering September heat. Your kids have started a new year of school - they’re growing up so fast. Your wedding is just days away. You always envisioned a beautiful October celebration. I love this month too. I love spending it with you.

But if we’re being honest…

… my phone buzzes constantly with former clients who desperately need me to squeeze them in for updated photos because all of a sudden the calendar changed like the trees are and they’re freaking out realizing they haven’t slowed down to capture the amazing things that happened this year. I got you!!

… I have couples waiting for me to edit thousands and thousands of their wedding photos so that they can enjoy them, share them with their families and relive their day.

… my personal Facebook messanger goes off 30 times a day with complete strangers asking, “How much for one pic of my family this Saturday at 2 PM? Got your name from Karen.”. Uhm, what??

… My inbox is also overflowing with moms who have never worked with me before but saw my name on Facebook and “just need one photo” for their holiday cards and they’re only available on a Saturday, just a few days from now, at a time when it’s practically already dark. Oh, and their kids are “not a fan of photos”.

… I have even more couples who are anxious, nervous and excited for me to play a role in their upcoming wedding. Which means gear packing, emails, prep, timelines, lots of time in the car away from my family and a lot of stress. Not to mention the 14+ hour work days with 25,000+ steps.

Ah, October.

The impending holiday season combined with the gorgeousness of nature in the fall brings out the total panic (or cluelessness) in people everywhere. Please don’t be offended when your photographer says they just don’t have time in their schedule for you. We’re not lying!! Those coveted October session dates have been spoken for since spring. Asking for just one photo is not only a disservice to your gorgeous family but also basically impossible - that’s just not how this works.

So, while you’re absolutely loving month, be nice to your photographer and photographer friends! We love this time of year too and we love you. But truthfully, most of us are barely keeping our heads above water. If you’re lucky enough to see your photographer this time of year, give them some grace (and maybe a delightful PSL or your favorite three wick fall scented candle).

To everyone else… we’ll see you in January.


What Do I Keep In My Vendor Apron?

If you watch my Instagram stories or follow the blog and read the yearly Behind the Scenes posts… you may have noticed that I wear an apron on most wedding days!

I have a custom short half apron from Oatmeal Lace Designs that is embroidered with the crest part of my logo. It has three fabulous pockets and was customized with pink ribbon.

I wear the apron so that I don’t have to worry about choosing an outfit with pockets or carrying my heavy camera bag everywhere. The apron allows me to set my camera bag down and wander away from it while I’m shooting! So, what do I keep in the apron?

  • My cell phone

  • Peppermint essential oil (I prefer this one)

  • Paper copies of the wedding day timeline and family formal portrait list

  • A pen (or two)

  • Memory cards

  • An extra battery or two

  • Lens wipes

  • Bobby pins and safety pins

  • Chapstick

  • A quick snack like a protein bar

  • Mints

  • Bandaid blister guards and tissues

  • Plus, anything the bride, groom or wedding party ask me to hold!

My photog (and real life) bestie, Caity, got an apron first and inspired me to pull the trigger and get one myself. And I love it! It’s well worth the investment.