Do You Travel For Weddings? YES!

The grass is always greener on the other side, right?

Maybe you’re considering having a destination wedding.
Maybe you’re thinking about eloping.
Maybe you’re not local to my neck of the woods in south-eastern Pennsylvania.

That shouldn’t stop us from working together!

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I am passport ready, I love flying, I am insured, I’m organized and an efficient packer, I never mind extended amounts of driving and I’m a travel-pro! Train, plane or automobile… I will absolutely travel near or far for weddings.

Travel is always wrapped into the cost of wedding collections and all of my inquiring couples receive custom booking proposals which means, no surprise charges or post-wedding invoices. The cost of bringing Savannah Smith Photography to your wedding (flights, hotels, rental cars and more) will always be wrapped into the total investment cost of your coverage - which you know up front!

Couples often think that if they’re getting married, they need to choose a photographer who is located near their venue. If they’re eloping in Colorado, they will often seek out a Colorado-based photographer. While that can be very practical, sometimes couples pass up the opportunity to work with the photographer of their dreams just because they’re afraid of the travel or logistics. They shouldn’t be afraid!

We can adventure somewhere new together for your destination wedding or special elopement. OR. I’ll come to wherever you might call home and we can be long-distance besties after your wedding is over. I am an experienced and confident traveler. The rolling equipment suitcase that I bring to every wedding is carry-on compliant and you’d never believe how much I can fit into a “personal item”.

And while we’re talking about it, I’ll also work happily on cruise ships. Yep.

So, regardless of your where or why… I’ll be there for your beautiful wedding.