How To Cut Your Wedding Cake

There isn’t a right and a wrong way to cut your wedding cake but there definitely is a best way!


The tradition of cake cutting at a wedding dates as far back as Roman times and as with almost all wedding traditions, it has roots in some very… old fashioned… beliefs. Cutting the cake evolved from the groom breaking bread over the bride’s head to symbolize the end of her purity and the beginning of her submission to him. YUCK.

In more modern times, the tradition of cutting the wedding cake is a lot sweeter. Couples are encouraged to cut from the bottom tier of their wedding cake which supposedly is a symbol of the longevity of their relationship. Cutting the cake together is a representation of how they will take on life as an equal pair and feeding each other a bite of the cake is meant to symbolize their commitment to care for each other throughout their marriage.

Symbols aside, if you’ve decided to cut the cake together at your wedding (which you probably have), there is no right or wrong way to do this but there definitely is a best way!



For starters, you don’t need your server… this will be done entirely with your cake knife so grab that + a plate!



You’re going to make 2 horizontal cuts on the bottom tier of your cake about 1” apart. Make sure you take the knife the whole way to the bottom of that tier.



You’ll take your knife and insert it vertically behind the two previous cuts. Stick it straight down until you hit the bottom of that tier. You essentially created a little rectangular piece of cake!



Great job! Now, you’ll pull your knife towards you pulling out your rectangular cut of cake and the other partner will hold up your plate to catch the cake slice. Set your plate down and cut off two small bite size pieces to feed each other with your fork or your hands!

It’s that simple!