Life Lately

It's been a while since I have done any kind of life update over here on the blog (but if you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that we haven't been busy outside of work) so I figured I would pop in and just share some of what we've been up to! Kyle has been working longer hours on a bunch of different projects and I'm absolutely swamped with summer weddings and sessions so our life has looked a bit chaotic lately. But it's been lovely! Basically, this post is some ramblings and blurry iPhone dog photos but I know some of you will be happy with just the dog photos. 

Loving Little Butters

Butters is just so happy that the endless rains of April and May have started to slow down. We're loving spending our afternoons outside while we wait for Kyle to come home. She's our constant entertainment and joy. We've been working on her leash manners and making sure she gets enough exercise. 


Finding Our Next Adventure 

Kyle and I have forever had constant adventures in our relationship. Fighting through being long distance in college, moving into a 260 sq. ft. studio together in a new city, moving to our favorite apartment in the suburbs, buying a home in a small town, taking on a ton of homeowner projects inside and outside of our house, collecting our fair share of passport stamps, getting engaged and getting married... I could go on. You get the point.

We're coming up on our one year wedding anniversary and we've spent this year just relaxing, enjoying our life as it is now and taking short, easy trips. It's been marvelous. But we're getting antsy. We're not sure what our next adventure is but almost every night we are dreaming and scheming about something different. It changes weekly but right now our discussions range from buying land to becoming landlords. We're pretty wishy washy on this front so don't hang your hat on any of it - but I'm hoping we'll stumble into our next big project soon. 


Compared to last year, the projects that we've been doing on the house are really minimal! BUT GUESS WHAT?! WE FINALLY HAVE GRASS! Not even just patches... almost the entire yard has grass! Butters is so excited!


Back in January, we remodeled our bathroom and then a few months ago we sort of accidentally remodeled our laundry room after I convinced Kyle to tear out the drop ceiling and we unearthed some gorgeous beadboard. Of course I haven't gotten around to actually sharing the final product of that room but I'm going to sure try! There are some iPhone snaps below. 

We are looking forward to a summer of being outside, grilling and just enjoying our small yard (that finally isn't just dirt). 


Building My Tribe 

Dates for 2019 are slowly filling up as newly engaged brides get in touch and I've even been getting some 2020 wedding inquiries. Lately I've been investing a lot of time into intentionally growing my SSP tribe and making a difference in the lives of my couples. I've come to learn that it's not truly about how many industry leaders know your name or how many Instagram followers you have. If I only focused on that, my anxiety would be unbearable. I've been very happy to sit back and take joy in knowing that my role as a photographer is making people feel good about themselves and documenting precious moments that they can cherish forever. 

Right now, "building my tribe" looks a lot like stacks of logo stickers, endless lists and a very messy office. But it's all building up to a way that I can make intentional, meaningful connections with my couples and make them feel loved and appreciated. 

Jetting off to... 

We don't have any big trips planned right now but we will be taking a quick, two-day anniversary adventure in August. I am shooting a wedding on our wedding anniversary but the following weekend I happened to have off so we booked something short and sweet! 

In the fall, I'm taking some girls trips to St. Louis, Missouri and Portland, Maine - both of which I am super excited about! I've never been to either of those states so it will be exciting just to check them off of the list with my friends. In addition, Kyle's brother just moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area so you can bet a trip to Texas is now on our list for the near future too. 

So, that's life lately! While nothing huge and exciting is going on, we're so grateful for everything we've been up to and for the time we get to spend together!