Our Front Porch Tour | Autumn 2017

It was a single image of the front porch of our home that made me fall in love. I knew that we needed to go see the house immediately - it had just come on the market that day. I'm glad you've popped over to see our autumn front porch tour. #VictorianonSecond has come a long way from that single Zillow listing image! 

November 2015 vs. September 2017

November 2015 vs. September 2017

There is still a lot of work to be done on our home. I have a lot of big dreams for what our house could look like (new siding or a fresh coat of paint for our vintage aluminum siding, new black framed windows instead of our old inefficient ones, a big new industrial front porch lamp, steps that stretch the entirety of the porch... I could go on...) but alas there is balancing maintenance, investment vs. return, priorities, budgeting and so much more. However, about a year-and-a-half later, I love our front porch more than ever! 

As the seasons change and the official start of fall arrived, I thought I would give ya'll a tour of our front porch! 


My inspiration for the autumn "look" of our porch was actually something that would carry through from September to the beginning of December! I'm not typically attracted to the orange and yellow tones that come with fall decor so I wanted something that felt like fall but was also really classic. 

I always recommend decorating with what you have and repurposing old decor! That is this porch almost entirely! The planters and the furniture we use year-round on the porch and a lot of the decor was from our wedding... no lie! The gold wedding decor + the ferns that were already in our backyard (from the summer months) were the starting point for this design. 

I hope to transition this into the holidays by swapping out the ferns and mums for evergreens, removing the pumpkins and adding a vintage sled with a gold ribbon! 


rocking chairs + table | gifted to us by kyle's aunt lynn
gold crate | spray painted from michaels 
double door welcome mat | similar one from target
black woven wicker resin planters | from at home last summer
black smooth planters | square and round both from the home depot
boxwood monogram wreaths | found in the sale section at joann
gold oversized lantern with outdoor faux candle | both from target by threshold
faux white pumpkins in varying sizes | michaels (then filled with sand for weight)

Special thanks to Caity of Cait Kramer Photography for the precious pictures of me with our little girl, Butters. It means so much to me to have these snaps with her in my new fall uniform... never taking it off! The awesome Wifey. Dog mom. Boss. shirt is from Hello August and my super comfy flats are by Born

I am so in love with this classic, simplistic autumn look for our porch! I hope you loved getting a peek at our home and I'll be sure to share how I transition this look for the holidays as well!