Our Honeymoon | Cozumel

This is the second of three blog posts about our honeymoon! If you haven't read about our incredible stay in Tulum, you can read that HERE! Again, bear with me as you scroll through the GoPro and iPhone shots! I didn't take my "big camera" along in fear of working the entire trip! Kyle did get his full immersive Instagram Husband Boot Camp experience during this trip though! 

Our second stop was the island of Cozumel where we stayed at The Explorean. The Explorean is a smaller property of bungalows behind a larger resort. We had access to the amenities of the larger resort while having a lot more privacy and a quieter space. Buuuuuut... like I mentioned in the Tulum post, we realized really quickly that we don't need amenities! This was the medium size of our three resorts (the smallest being in Tulum and largest being the last place in Playa del Carmen). 


I have to admit, when we first arrived here it was a really difficult transition from being in (and in love with) Tulum. We went from an open-air bungalow with wooden floors along the ocean to a room with cold tile floors, a very neutral color palette and a jungle balcony. 

The few downsides were definitely more noticeable to us because of how much we loved our first few days. While the plumbing is capable of handling toilet paper (unlike in Tulum) we didn't have hot water in our room even after inquiring a few times. So, using the very pretty enclosed glass rain shower was a miserably cold experience. And there was supposed to be a basket of hot coffee, sweet bread and jams outside our door in the morning but it seemed like we were the only ones to not receive one - likely just a miscommunication but I'm bummed that we missed the sweet bread! 

The design of the exterior of The Explorean was stunning and definitely Instagram-able. There is one restaurant and the food was wonderful even though there really isn't a menu - they'll make pretty much anything you ask for if they are able to or there is a small selection of dishes to choose from that changes daily. I'm still craving the fresh pineapple marmalade.


There is no actual beach on this west side of Cozumel but we could walk across the street to their man-made beach area. During our planning, we thought this would be fine but the pools were all absolutely freezing so this was the one downside we found to this part of our trip. However, that man-made beach area was very beautiful even though it was not really meant for swimming and the fried fish tacos were A+. 

Cozumel is known mostly for the scuba diving because of the really healthy reefs that surround the island! We visited a few spots on the eastern side of the island as well including El Mirador, a carved sea rock lookout. 

The island, known as the Island of Fertility, was sacred to Ixchel, the Mayan moon goddess of fertility, childbearing, and midwifery... which... the people of Cozumel love to tell you repeatedly when they find out you're honeymooning. * Sorry folks, this post is NOT an announcement of any kind! * A temple to the goddess once existed at what is today Punta Sur. 


I'll be sharing the last part of our trip soon!