On Our First Anniversary...


A year ago we were seeing a year and a half of design visions, planning and investments come to life as we celebrated ten years of loving each other with our families and dear friends. I watched out of the bridal suite window as our favorite people arrived to spend a hot and cloudless August evening with us. I wasn't nervous at all. Not even a tiny bit. 

Everyone told us that this first year would be rough and that marriage is hard. I spend every weekend listening to pastors, priests, reverends and officiants who tell couples that marriage is work and it's a commitment that they will need to spend time fostering every single day. Be ready. Remember your vows. Remember this moment. Be dedicated to making compromises.

Sometimes I step back and think... maybe it just hasn't hit us yet. Maybe the hard times are coming? I feel like I need to prepare. But honestly, we've been through so much shit together the last eleven years. Hard, fucked up, relationship-testing, mentally-breaking shit. But we've been blessed. Time after time. 

I had a bride last year, who described their relationship in her vows as effortless. I still think about how much that resonated with me (hey, Kelly). Meant to be, to me, means effortless. I have yet to feel the way people warned us we would. And in my opinion, that means we are doing it right!! *happy dance* With one year down as Mr. and Mrs. down and a lifetime to go, my only wish is that life together continues to feel effortlessly wonderful. 

The way you love, it changes who I am. I am undone.
I can't believe it's true sometimes. 
I can't believe it's true. I get to love you. It's the best thing that I'll ever do.
I get to love you. It's a promise I'm making to you.
Whatever may come, your heart I will choose.

Forever I'm yours. Forever I do. 

- RUELLE (our first dance song that still makes me cry)

I have to extend the biggest thanks to Caity of Cait Kramer Photography for crafting these amazing anniversary portraits for us (some of my favorites ever) and Jena of Flowers by Jena Paige for the most drop-dead-gorgeous bouquet. You are both badass boss babes that I am so thankful to know! 

You can see Caity's blog post of our images here! I may or may not have cried reading what she wrote. I'm so incredibly lucky to have the sweetest friends.