Rescue Pittie Puppy Adoption Announcement | Hannah, Groovy + Elton

I am beyond excited to be writing this post! The way this little pittie baby came into my friend Hannah's life is so serendipitous.


Hannah is the Community Outreach Coordinator at the York County SPCA (and of course a dear friend). She sees a lot of difficult cases, incredible animals and really wonderful homecomings. She swore to us that she "didn't do puppies" and her heart lies with senior dogs but someone stole her heart. 😉

Two weeks ago, due to some unforeseen and sad personal events, their volunteer photographer for the annual pet photos with the Easter Bunny let her know he was unable to participate this year. I was so honored to have the opportunity to step in and help the pet photos event (and we even got to see Hannah's sister, Lauren, at the March for our Lives York event that morning where she was an organizer)! It was a bit of a chaotic day that was very exhausting but in the middle of it, this perfect angel of a puppy came into Hannah's life. 

As the Community Outreach Coordinator, Hannah organizes the photo events but doesn't typically have a lot to do with the actual photos as they are happening because of the fabulous volunteers that help out! But... I was a little nervous and needy so she stuck around to help me out. We started off the morning with test shots and I asked her to go back into the kennel and find me a dog I could practice on. 


She brought out a male, tripod Pitbull puppy and all of our hearts just swelled with love. This boy... he is so loved already. He is missing a front leg and some if not all of his hearing but you'd never know because he is the sweetest, funniest and most relaxed five-month-old pup ever! He was surrendered after breaking his leg but the SPCA took amazing care of him and now he's been welcomed into Hannah's life, his furever mama! Big sister Groovy, a chocolate lab, is pretty smitten too. 

On Sunday we had a quick session to welcome Elton Juan to the Beard family. My mom and Hannah's sister, Lauren, helped us wrangle (and love on) the pups! 

(And then we all had Easter dinner together and continued to love on and snuggle these pups for a few additional hours. Definitely an Easter well spent.)

Baby Elton's healthcare and adoption were facilitated by the York County SPCA! Of course we encourage you to pop in there (and say hello to Hannah) or visit your own local shelter to bring home your fur baby. Hannah, Lauren, my mom and myself are all rescue mamas so of course, adopted is our favorite breed. We want to always encourage you to adopt, not shop.