Soft Neutrals Lifestyle Newborn Session | Welcoming Sage


Newborn sessions are usually not my thing - at least that's what I have always told myself and others! But this new season of life where my friends and former clients are growing their families and welcoming babies into their lives... has totally changed my perspective on these sessions! I love spending a few hours hanging around, listening to moms retell their birth stories and pregnancy journeys, sharing a sacred space with a new family and capturing their complete awe for each other. It's a slow pace that is the total opposite of a wedding day. I love this opportunity I've been given to capture those sweet, slow, emotional first few days. 

Stevie and Anthony were the first couple to trust me to capture their wedding. Some days I look back and think... oh dear lord, I've grown so much since then and I'm not the same photographer. If you're a photographer reading this, you know exactly what I'm talking about. You wish you could go back and reshoot those first weddings but you can't and truly, most of my "original" clients love their images just as they are and that warms my heart! BUT. There are a few of these families who I cannot resist capturing again and again as I grow with them. I'm so thankful that the Storcks have given me that opportunity.  

I'm sharing some of my very first work (ever) in the collage below so please, be kind with your judgements! We've come a long way, friends! 


When she's ready, maybe Stevie will share her birth story over on her blog and it's not my story to share so for now, I'd simply love to introduce baby Sage! Born in the morning on June 4, 2018, baby girl was bigger than her parents expected and she seriously looks like a doll! She is one of the prettiest babies that I've ever seen! Stevie was totally radiant - motherhood is certainly made for her. Seeing Anthony as a dad was freaking precious. They both constantly want to hold Sage (first time parents!!!!) and their fur baby girl, Chloe, is just rollin' with the changes. Both girls slept through most of our session. 

I struggle to find the words to explain how precious this session was. Stevie and Anthony are a couple that you just feel were meant to be parents - to raise little humans that will bring joy to their community and make the world a better place. 

I hope you enjoy just a few of my favorites from Stevie, Anthony, Sage and Chloe's lifestyle newborn session.