SSP Coaching is now LIVE!


- Lori Greiner


Let me first start by explaining how mentoring and coaching other creative small business owners ended up on my heart. I think it’s really hard, as human and as a small business owner, to see the mistakes that we’re making. It’s extremely difficult for us to be unbiased, to think like our customers, to see what others see.

I’m very lucky to have honest friends in the industry, truthful friends who are clients and a totally un-creative/super blunt husband to bounce my ideas off of. I’ve taken risks that have paid off and taken risks that were total flops. I also have been intimately aware of the inner workings of multiple creative small businesses in the last five years and I’ve watched them both fail and flourish. I’ve learned… a lot.

It’s easier, when you’re on the outside (but with the inside knowledge) to see what mistakes people are making, what they’re doing wonderfully, what is missing and how their brand could be better. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve wished it was appropriate to pick up the phone, call that creative I’ve worked with and scream YOU ARE TANKING YOUR BUSINESS. Stop everything you’re doing. Stop the oversharing, stop the vague posts, quit spending thousands on gear when you need an accountant and some new graphic design.

I also thrive off of the opportunity to tell a small business that they’re on the right track! You’re doing amazing, sweetie! So, I have coaches in my own life. And I want you to have one too.

My 2019 word of the year is flourish.

And personally, it means a lot for me. For my business, for my health, for my life as a daughter and a wife, for my family, for our home… I want to help a lot of different aspects of my life flourish in 2019.

But I also want to help YOU flourish.

And that’s where SSP Coaching landed on my heart.

Maybe you’re ready to make the jump from a hobby photographer to a professional but you want to do it the legal, right and more successful way and that is overwhelming. Maybe you’ve been doing this thing for the better part of a decade and you’re just not seeing the growth you thought you would. Coaching is for you.

After going full time with Savannah Smith Photography in the fall of 2014, I also had the blessed opportunity to become a boutique private photo editor for more than 25 successful photographer’s across the country. I learned the value of consistency in editing, the importance of getting images correct in camera, how to shoot for your particular style and how to correct almost anything in Lightroom.

In addition to the valuable editing and brand recognition skills that I gained, I went on to take over the client care side of the business as well - communicating with dozens and dozens of photographers daily about editing, pain points in their business, outsourcing and troubleshooting. HOLY CRAP. The amount of free business, workflow and shooting advice that I was giving out was INSANE.

It’s uncommon for creatives to love the small business side of their job but it is truly something that I love and enjoy coaching on. I was you. You’ve been trying, tirelessly, to figure it all out on your own. You’ve got all of the buzzword hashtags down pat… #girlboss #hustle #momboss #goaldigger #selfmade #calledtocreate #bosslady … but the success you dreamed of just isn’t happening. You aren’t sure where to start or where to go next. I’ve watched too many female creative small business owners FAIL on their own volition simply because they were placing outward blame instead of reflecting inward. Chances are, you’re focused on lenses or editing presets when I want you to focus on how you’re communicating with your clients, how potential clients view your business and if you’re charging what you’re worth.

Creative business mentoring allows you to get direct, unbiased and tailored feedback on what is working in your business and what needs a little extra attention. The goal is to inspire you and arm you with the tools you need to take your business to new heights and see measurable growth.

So, TODAY IS THE DAY. I hope you’ll pop over to the new SSP Coaching page and discover the two types of completely personalized, one-on-one coaching for your creative small business. And then sign yourself up for a life-(and business)-changing experience!