Butters' Adoptaversary

We have had our baby Butters in our life for a full year now! My birthday baby, snuggle muffin and boo bear. Our greatest joy and the bane of our existence (sometimes). 

Last year, on May 5th, I went to visit the Brandywine Valley SPCA's West Chester facility with my friend, Emily. Each year for our birthdays we have lunch and I decided that I needed a birthday puppy (one day after turning 25 and celebrating with Emily). We did a quick lap around the kennel and I found our wee little baby. I rushed home to get Kyle and a copy of the deed to our house - I knew I was going home with her. 

Her name came in the car ride on the way home from the shelter. We're big Game of Thrones fans and I had wanted to name her Margaery. Kyle said it sounded too much like margarine... or butter. Hence Butters - somewhat after Butters from South Park and inspired by Queen Margaery Tyrell. We're weird. We know. 

The first few days were spent sleeping and watching reruns of Friends

Over the past year she has mastered riding in the car + stealing my Starbucks (forget puppuccinos, she wants the real thing)... 

She has made a lot of friends...

... and amassed what equates to a kindergarten room of stuffed buddies.

Butters has adventured many places and explored lots of smells over the past year. Her favorite things include going to bed by 6 PM, sleeping under the covers with her head on mommy's Tempurpedic pillow, playing in the yard AKA tearing up the grass, laying on her daddy's lap, new toys, human food and trying (and failing) to kill squirrels. 

Her daddy is completely smitten with her and she's mommy's best friend. Fellow dog owners, you feel me here right? Literally... my whole heart and my whole world. 

Human parents, just roll your eyes. It's fine! I get it! 

Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Each year, approximately 670,000 dogs are euthanized. {source} Butters was saved from a high kill shelter with her littermates by Crossing Paths Animal Rescue and then transferred to the wonderful people at BVSPCA (the first no-kill open admission shelter in Pennsylvania). 

Go out and adopt your best friend today. They need you but... you also need them. I promise. I can't even begin to explain the ways that Butters has impacted my life. Adopted is our favorite breed and we know it will be yours too! 

Baby Boo Bear, we love you so much sweet girl. Cheers to many more years of snoring my ear at night and stealing my socks.