best easy dslr

My Recommended Starter Camera + Accessories

I get a lot of questions from non-photographers about gear! Most of the questions come with disclaimers like…

I just want to take better pictures of my kids.
I want to better document our family vacations.
I travel a lot and I’d like to come home with photos I can actually do something with.
I use my point-and-shoot so much and sometimes I just wish it could do more.

So, today I wanted to share with you my favorite starter gear for entry-level or hobbyist photographers! These are perfect to treat yourself or gift to the aspiring photographer that you love!

It’s the perfect entry level camera that still has full manual shooting options, can shoot raw, supports interchangeable lenses and features of a high end piece of gear. The 50 mm lens is super affordable and I definitely recommend it in addition to the kit lens for people who want to see a shallow depth of field in their images (where the background looks soft and blurry) and for those who specifically want to shoot portraits. The Black Rapid strap is perfect for travelers and busy parents.

Full disclaimer: I shot my first two weddings on an equivalent of the camera that I’m sharing below. I’m a huge, massive, insanely passionate believer in that it’s about the user, not the equipment. Whether you’re definitely sticking with hobby or hoping to launch a career, before you go spending thousands and thousands on gear, hoping that it will make your images look like what you’re seeing from professional photographers, invest in a basic shooting and editing course like this one, take this free webinar or find a photographer who offers a class in your area. The biggest mistake you can make is purchasing more advanced equipment and then leaving the camera on auto or not understanding your settings!

Happy shopping and happy shooting!!