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Longwood Gardens Summer Evening Engagement Session | Kelly + Casey


Kelly and Casey are just so, so sweet. I met up with them at Longwood Gardens to spend a part of the evening capturing their engagement images and we used every ounce of daylight (because I just so loved photographing them)! The heatwave had just broken and apparently Longwood had been empty for a few days so of course, on this random Thursday evening, it’s more packed than I’ve seen it in literally months. Instead of being elbow-to-elbow with other guests in the conservatory we spent the majority of our time together in the stunningly gorgeous Flower Garden Walk with the crepe myrtles which are a personal favorite of mine.

We talked about what is in store for their October wedding (yes… it’s coming up so soon), their next adventure into homeownership and their love of traveling.

Kelly is a bubbly Spanish teacher who loves the color green and Casey has the perfect chill personality to be her other half. They are planning a super fun and down-to-earth celebration of marriage in just a few short weeks and I know it’s going to come together beautifully.

Enjoy some of my favorites from Kelly and Casey’s sunset Longwood Gardens engagement session!

West Chester Summer Engagement Session With A Surprise | Laura + Kevin


I’m so excited for Laura and Kevin to hit the blog! I’ve been holding this session back and quietly waiting to share it since we met up almost a month ago in downtown West Chester, the place they call home! You see, they had some wedding details that they wanted to work out before their engagement images and my telling of their story made it to the internet.

Don’t scroll down yet but there’s a bit of a surprise at the bottom of this post! Stick with me here though because I just love these two.

L+K are precious Penn Staters in love! I knew Laura from us both participating in Penn State THON while in school but we connected more recently over both being creative small business owners! I just adore the way that Kevin looks at Laura and how fun and bubbly Laura always is! She let me know that they were both a bit nervous for their session and honestly, I couldn’t tell at all. They’re such naturals in front of the camera. In June, we met up near their home to capture some cute engagement portraits to celebrate this big milestone in their relationship!

But there’s something extra special about this couple that makes them unique from every other SSP couple to date. Kevin asked Laura to marry him along the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Avalon, NJ. It’s only fitting that they’ll share their marriage vows on the other side of that same ocean.

This wedding will be SSP’s first international destination wedding (though I certainly hope it’s not the last)!! That’s right, friends! We are going across the pond! Laura and Kevin will be married right on the coast outside of Galway, Ireland overlooking the Atlantic on her family’s property! They will share their vows during the summer solstice when there will be more than 17 hours of glorious, golden daylight.

I have actually been through the exact village where Laura and Kevin will be married and this will be my second time returning to Galway. Kyle and I fell in love with the west coast of Ireland and were surprised just how much we felt called to and at home in the Connemara region of County Galway. When Laura reached out to me about the potential for joining them for a multi-day wedding celebration in that area I was immediately jumping out of my shoes.