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Marsh Creek State Park Adult Family Portraits | The Kennedys


Truthfully, adult family sessions used to terrify me. I would spend hours of preparation stressing about how to pose them, how to encourage them to interact and how to create variety. With small children there are endless opportunities to create motion and interaction but with adults, it's hard! Then something clicked with me - if I had a session with my family right now, I would just want classic, simple portraits that showed our love for each other. The beauty is just in being together!

Once that clicked for me, I started to adore adult family sessions. So when Laura emailed me about doing a session for her parent's anniversary, I was so excited to get the chance to capture them! The Kennedy's are so precious. We had a lovely but humid morning together just snapping those classic, simple portraits! Of course, Miss Rosie tagged along and I spent half of the session on the ground giving her puppy kisses. 

Enjoy some of my favorites from the Kennedy family's portrait session!