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The Day-Of Wedding Necessities You Probably Never Thought Of

While shooting weddings I've come across a few tips that can help your wedding day (specifically the getting-ready and cleaning up portions) function much better. There are a few simple items that can alleviate stress - and they're not tips that you'll find on most wedding blogs. These are definitely more practical and less cutesy but they will make a big difference! Today I'm sharing my top seven favorite must haves for making your wedding day easier! 

Wooden Hanger
This tip you probably have actually heard of but people always forget it! I'm not sure why! You've invested a pretty penny into your incredible wedding dress. Let's make sure it is displayed and photographed on a wood or decorative bridal hanger instead of the 2 cent plastic one that it came on. Nothing cheapens the look of a beautiful gown like a photo of a crappy plastic hanger. You don't have to have a custom wire one with your name or wedding date either - a plain wooden hanger will do in a pinch! 

Button-up Shirt or Robe
Your hair and makeup artists will thank you profusely for this one. The purpose of a robe goes beyond the cute getting ready outfits. You do not want to ruin your professional hair and makeup by pulling a tee or tank top up over your head and across your face. You should be wearing a button up shirt, zipper sweatshirt, robe or something that can be taken off without pulling it over your head. 

Dry Spray Deodorant 
Whether you're having a mid-summer wedding or you just tend to get sweaty when you're nervous - you should be using dry spray deodorant on your wedding day. A lot of posing with couples involves the bride throwing her arms around the grooms neck so yes, sometimes we see your armpits! Dry spray deodorant will not clump like traditional stick deodorant and it won't take time to dry like gel. You can spray it everywhere... and I mean everywhere. Dove and Degree both sell excellent dry spray antiperspirant deodorants. If you feel like you want or need extra coverage, I recommend applying a traditional clinical strength stick antiperspirant the night before your wedding. 

Power Strip
Regardless if all of your girls are having their hair and makeup done in one room or not - you can always benefit from more outlets. This will fill up with phone chargers, hair dryers and curling irons. 

Basket or Box
Yes, a storage basket or box like the ones you find in the "home storage" section of Target! Place all of your details in this basket before you ever leave your house. Jewelry, invitations, shoes, perfume, both wedding bands and anything else that will be photographed as a part of your wedding-day details. Keeping it all in one place is helpful for everyone. When your photographer arrives, all you have to do is hand over that one box (avoiding many scavenger hunts for details). 

Trash Bags
Before the photographer starts shooting the getting ready process, the room must be tidied up completely. Pizza boxes, lunch trays, tissues and empty champagne bottles must all be tossed. The tiny hotel/venue provided trashcans are absolutely not going to cut it. Bring along a few trash bags of your own to make this process smoother. 

Empty Suitcase
If you are getting ready at your reception venue and will need to vacate the bridal suite at the end of the night, bring a large empty suitcase with you. This is by far my favorite tip because I love the idea of just tossing all the junk in, zipping it up and rolling it away. The suite will be filled with random things like snacks, touchup makeup, the clothes you got ready and so much more. No one will have time to pack up everything nicely and honestly, it's not all going to fit in the bags you arrived with. Believe me. Save yourself some drunken panicky headaches at 11 PM and just throw it in the rolling suitcase before your ceremony begins, toss it in the car and deal with it later. 

Underrated Wedding Color Palettes

"In nature, light creates the color. In picture, color creates the light."
- Hans Hofmann

What do I wish my clients (and all brides) knew about color? 

  • Color plays an incredibly important role in your wedding design.

  • You don't just have to choose two. In fact, you should be selecting an array of shades, hues and tints to compliment each other in a larger palette.

  • Your wedding color palette sets the mood from as early on as your invitation suite. Go dramatic and regal with jewel tones, intense contrast and darker hues. Highlight gentle romance with neutrals and pastels. Make it a party with an array of bright, fruit-inspired secondary colors.

  • Think seasonally! Don't shy away from your favorites simply because of date but know that a strong autumn palette won't capture well in spring light.

  • Nothing has to "match". Your palette should be a guideline - not a rule.

I want to encourage you to think beyond the standard two color swatches and create an overarching color design for your wedding day (instead of one where the bridesmaid's dresses, napkins and bouquet wraps are all the same exact shade of neon teal). 

I'm sharing with you some of my favorite underrated, underused and totally gorgeous wedding color palettes today along with some tiny tips on how to implement them throughout your design from your invitation suite to florals to attire to reception decor. 

A muted pastel earth-toned palette that goes beyond browns and greens
to capture the spirit of timeless beauty. 


With this palette I envision a heavy use of cream colors and linen textures - along with some complimenting natural wood. Bridesmaids could be in sage green and/or light lavender with greenery bouquets containing a touch of blush ranunculus and white stock. Cream reception linens with light peach napkins complimenting long, low succulent centerpieces would tie the design together. 

A bold and fun summer palette made to perfectly suit the bright, modern and trendy
bride and groom.


This color scheme is just crying out to be used! It is inspired by summer citrus fruits which could be incorporated into the overall event design (think glass water decanters with delicate sliced limes, lemons, strawberries and mint). The florals for this palette would be multicolored, bright and very memorable. I envision white sequin tablecloths scattered with mercury glass votive candle holders. Bridesmaids in (rarely seen but totally beautiful) yellow combined with groomsmen in kelly green bowties would complete this look! 

A palette that's all about the way light plays on water and the gorgeous tones of the mediterranean in summertime. 


I would say that white and a delicate light blue are the two primary tones in this design. I close my eyes and picture a bride in her white gown holding a cascading bouquet of white roses and eucalyptus - adorned with streams of blue silk ribbons that hang down to her knees and blow with the breeze. Keeping this palette soft while still being adventurous is key. Rely heavily on those blue sea tones while incorporating pops of blood orange / dark coral into the design (perhaps as a signature cocktail, the brides shoes or the cake). 

An effortlessly romantic color scheme that feels incredibly fancy without being stuffy.


This color palette feels similar to Desert Sunrise but rather than peaches and lavenders, we're focusing more here on french blues and soft blushes. More neutral whites and light grays will also be prominent in this design (rather than the creams of Desert Sunrise). Bridesmaids in a light french blue or a mixture of a few different shades of grey-blues would be beautifully complimented by a bouquet of blush anemone, soft pink peonies and white astilbe. White tablecloths with delicate sage green linen napkins or... for the more adventurous... floral patterned tablecloths with a white napkins would both be incredibly gorgeous. 

A palette inspired by the endless shades of green across the Irish countryside
with a sprinkle of drama.


This is probably one of my favorite color palettes. There's usually a fair amount of green to capture on a wedding day thanks to the florals but woooooaaaah whenever there can be more jewel-toned greens in a design, I'm a happy camper. This is truly a "cannot go wrong" classic, dramatic color scheme. I suggest the bridesmaids (and even the groom) wear emerald green complimented by soft touches of gold jewelry. The reception is where this palette can really shine. White table linens with metallic gold plate chargers, gold centerpieces with all white florals and flickering candles in tall gold candelabras. If you're feeling adventurous, add a black and white striped table runner or hot pink peonies into the floral design. I would recommend starting this one off strong by sending your guests an emerald green invitation with white lettering. They'll be wowed from the start. 

Inspired by the oil on canvas, this hopelessly romantic palette incorporates intense contrast and gives off a celestial vibe. 


The most popular color of bridesmaids dresses (and in turn, groomsmen attire) is navy blue. For the bride who dreams of this - Starry Night is a perfect palette. However, I challenge you to consider light grey or gold sequin wedding party attire instead. Dare to be different. I love this color scheme for a few reasons but the first is because it's easy. Darker shades of blues and blue-greens are easy to incorporate into wedding design in many ways. Because this palette is on the heavy and darker side, it feels more fitting for a winter or evening black tie wedding. Gold lanterns with large candles surrounded by a floral wreath would make for the most perfect centerpieces on navy tablecloths (bonus points for gold chiavari chairs!!!!). 

A bright, unapologetic, incredibly memorable and underrated palette for tropical vibes reminiscent of Lilly Pulitzer.


I saved this for last because not only is it incredibly similar to my own wedding palette, it's my absolute favorite and by far the most fun. The key to nailing this color palette is through an abundance of lush, bright florals and not being afraid to play with patterns. Floral bridesmaids dresses, patterned bowties and fun shoes are a must! Bring in those upscale, coastal Palm Beach vibes by setting a formal dress code and choosing a mix of table shapes for your reception. Gold sequin tablecloths and tall palm centerpieces will floor your guests and leave them speechless. Bring the ocean inside with teal accents incorporated very subtly - like monogrammed cocktail napkins, shiny shoes for the bride or macarons in clear boxes as favors.