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Juniata Valley Misty Emerald Late Summer Wedding | Amelia + Dakota


It has always felt like I have a big family because we’re all just so darn loud and I’m very close with my extended family. But the reality is, I’m not one of those people who has 14 first cousins. I only have TWO (and one is currently only 11 so I am clearly not capturing her wedding any time soon). So, it was an absolute honor and privilege to spend my weekend documenting the beginning of a meaningful marriage for my cousin, Dakota, and his new wife, Amelia.

We have loved and adored Amelia for quite a few years now but it’s so sweet to make her officially a part of our family. These two promised each other forever on her family’s property and on her parent’s wedding anniversary! It was a special place and a very special time for everyone.

Amelia’s lush emerald green detailing made my May-baby heart so happy and while a lot of rain and some misty fog obscured the mountain views, it was absolutely gorgeous to see the fog settling into the valley throughout the day.

They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck so these two are going to be blessed with many years of it! By the reception, we were ALL a little soggy so it was a great time to loosen up the ties and just embrace the weather. Amelia asked her parents to share an anniversary dance to their first dance song and we all laughed at Amelia’s Matron of Honor, Danielle’s toast about how Dakota seems quiet and shy but the reality is he doesn’t shut up!

BUT THE DOGS STOLE THE SHOW. A+D’s precious labs, Decklin and Lakelyn, came for the ceremony and portraits and they were so, so sweet and good. I mean, does it get any better than dogs at a wedding?!?! NO.

My mom has assisted me at dozens of weddings before but this was the first one where almost an entire side of my family was there to celebrate the couple (but also could watch me work) and holy moly it was nerve-wracking. Despite the challenges with the weather, these two are just so cute and the day was so perfect that I knew my job was going to be easy! I’m so thrilled to share this really special blog post with all of you! Enjoy some of my favorites from Amelia and Dakota’s private property Juniata Valley late summer wedding.

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Savannah Smith Photography | PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANT: Kristin Buckley | VENUE: Private Home | CATERING: Boulevard BBQ | CAKE AND DESSERTS: Valley Girl Sweets Co. | ENTERTAINMENT: DJ Big Andy | HAIR STYLING + MAKEUP ARTISTRY: Megan Aldinger with Elegance by Design | DECOR + RENTALS: Weir Event Rental

What To Do With Your Engagement Ring During Your Wedding Ceremony

Not many brides have the time or even realize during their wedding planning that they may need to make a decision on what to do with their engagement ring! It is a question that comes up a lot on the wedding day as brides realize they’re unsure of what to do with their ring right before they walk down the aisle! Luckily, it’s not a big deal and you have lots of options.

If you’re wondering where your ring should go during the ceremony, keep reading!



Wear it on your ring finger as usual! Your spouse will put your wedding band on over (above) your engagement ring during the ceremony. Once you exit your ceremony, simply flip the rings so that your wedding band is on the bottom. This is the most common and most simple option.



You can wear your ring on a different finger and place it back over your wedding band after the ceremony. Some brides choose to wear it on their right hand ring finger for the ceremony however, that requires it to comfortably fit on another finger!



If you so choose, you can simply not wear your engagement ring at all during your ceremony. Your mom could hold on to it, it could be stored in a safe place like your bridal suite, your maid or matron of honor could tuck it into her clutch or wear it on her right hand, or your wedding planner/coordinator could keep it safe during the ceremony. Some religious ceremonies will dictate that the bride is not permitted to wear the ring during the ceremony which is when this would come in to play.


Regardless of what you choose to do with your ring during the ceremony, of course I always recommend a special, heirloom quality box to store your ring like THIS ONE or THIS ONE. It’s a special space for your ring to be stored and photographed that showcases and protects your most precious possession!