The Button-Back Wedding Gown Hack: Your Must Have Tool!


Button back wedding gowns are absolutely stunning and highly sought after. In fact, when one of my best friends was getting married, her mom all but insisted that her dress have buttons. “It’s beautiful but it doesn’t have buttons.” Seriously, those buttons are important to a lot of brides!

But here’s the thing, if your dress has real, functioning buttons… they can be a gigantic pain in the butt(on).


If you have a button-back wedding dress, do yourself a favor and pick up a crochet hook! Yes, a crochet hook!

Having one of these helpful little babies can help whoever is putting you into your dress easily pull the loops over the buttons. If you do not have elastic loops and instead have the silk or fabric loops with no stretch then you absolutely need a hook! They can be so tricky to hold on to and connect! While elastic loops can be closed over the buttons a lot easier, having the hook still helps keep fingers from getting tired and keeps the getting ready process moving along swiftly.

You can get up a thin crochet hook for less than $4 on Amazon which is awesome. I love this one! But you can also find them at craft stores.

Do yourself a favor and get a crochet hook before your wedding day!