The Window Effect: Wedding Day Getting Ready Locations

If you’re a couple, planning your dream wedding day, and you’ve invested into your wedding photography - you want those photos to actually be the best that they can be, right? Your wedding day will go by so fast and the getting ready portion of the day can feel like such a hectic, stressful blur. But those moments are also some of the most special!


Whether your mom is buttoning you into your dream gown or you’re hanging out with your best guys - the getting ready locations for both halves of the engaged couple are absolutely key! Those images are so precious and will be cherished for generations.

Most venues, couples and wedding planners are not photographers. We know that. So that’s why I just want to pop in with a few bits of advice for your getting ready locations!

The big no-no’s include:

  • a space that is too small for your wedding party where everyone feels cramped

  • a space with fluorescent or artificial lighting

  • a space with a ton of clutter, bold decor, dark colors, too many personal decor items, etc.

The one absolute YES for your getting ready space is…


The more windows, the better, honestly.


If you only have access to one window in your getting ready space, know that we’ll be doing literally all of the photography in front of that window! You really cannot beat natural light when it comes to capturing pure and creamy skin tones, beautiful glow and accurate colors. Having sunlight is absolutely key. Any getting dressed photos, detail photos and possibly some posed portraits will all happen in front of that window. This means, it’s really important that the space around it remains clear, clutter free and free of large furniture.

The best getting ready spaces have very light and neutral paint colors (like white, light creams or soft and bright pastels), high-end classic furniture like neutral velvet chairs, soft and etherial linens, very minimal wall decor and curtains and of course… lots of windows!