The SSP Bride

Who is she and what does she cherish?

You’ve probably heard me throw around the term “ideal client” before. Maybe you wondered what that meant or why it mattered.

At the core of Savannah Smith Photography is meaningful relationships. I have the incredible opportunity to capture and preserve memories for future generations to enjoy and embrace. It’s absolutely mind blowing to me to think about a little girl holding her grandmother’s bridal portrait one day… the bridal portrait that I took! I don’t take my responsibilities as a wedding photographer lightly. I have the ability to freeze time for families and give them captured memories that will last generations.

In order to do all of that and also make sure my couples are feeling beautiful, appreciated, happy and respect throughout the entire process of working together… I need to form a bond with them. I want them to feel comfortable being welcomed into my life, be excited to know that I’m invested in making them happy and trust that I will do everything I can to make their wedding day a dream.

Working with clients that I already have things in common with means that this whole process of getting to know my brides and forming those meaningful relationships comes naturally.

This all starts with the SSP Bride.
Who is she? What does she hold most dear? What does she believe in? 

She has a passion for something bigger than herself. She believes in giving back, being a part of a larger community and seeking out joyful commonalities with strangers.

She is open-hearted and open-minded. She has gratitude for what she has and a drive to reach out to help others. She believes in equality, kindness and compassion.


She puts her relationship first. She values her spouse above all else and believes in a marriage more beautiful than her wedding.


She thinks outside of the box and beyond trends. She chooses meaningful, memorable details and designs.

She is thoughtful and believes in being a gracious host. She believes that their wedding day should be a representation of their love for each other, their friends and their families.


She believes in the possibility and importance of a stress-free and beautifully organized wedding day. She wants to truly enjoy each and every moment of her day because it is once-in-a-lifetime!


She values the investment of photography and believes in the long-lasting important impact of a picture. She longs for a well-rounded experience where she is respected, appreciated and impressed by the professionals bringing her wedding visions to life.


I am so lucky to work with the most incredible women. They give so selflessly to others so capturing them on a day that is all about them makes me feel so honored. They deserve to feel pampered, special, beautiful and magical. Do you feel like my bullet points above were talking about you!? Are you an SSP Bride? I would absolutely love to get to know you. Get in touch now!

P.S. The SSP Bride also most likely has a dog or a floof that she loves like it's her own!