Union Mills Homestead Westminster Maryland Engagement | Jocelyn + Tim


Sometimes there are just clients that you click with right off of the bat. I'm sure Jocelyn and Tim think I'm super crazy but I absolutely loved spending time with them. They kept me laughing all through their engagement session. I had to reign in my nerdy history knowledge around Tim, who is a high school history teacher (though, to be honest, I don't think I could remember a single thing from my AP Gov class even if I tried). Jocelyn is a tiny powerhouse - she works in the non-profit and major gifts realm - making people's lives better every single day. They're both so young and successful! 

I met with them at the beautiful Union Mills Homestead and was in total awe of the amazing evening glow! I shot for waaaaay longer than I usually do because I was having such a blast just chatting with them and learning more about their wedding plans! To top it all off, there was a 1939 fire engine and a perfect doggo named Coal. 

Enjoy some of my favorites from Jocelyn + Tim's engagement session!