What is in My Styling Kit


My styling kit is something I get questions about from photographer friends and brides alike! I started building my kit about two years ago after struggling to make some of the most simple but standard wedding details look high end. My goal is to never take away from the bride’s details but to elevate them and help them contribute to consistency throughout the completed gallery.

Some photographers are very firmly against having a styling kit and prefer to rely entirely on what the bride provides and you know what? That’s great! Personally though, my clients come to expect these carefully and beautifully styled details so my kit is an essential part of my wedding day gear.

I personally think that the most important think about creating a styling kit is making a diverse one. You don’t want to show up to 15 weddings in a row with the same ribbon and the same ring box because all of your client’s images will start to look the same! The key is for your kit items to enhance the beauty of what is already there provided by the couple, not steal the show.

So, what is in my styling kit?


I carry a Command hook because it can be very hard to find a place to hang the dress that is also in ideal lighting and brand-focused backgrounds. For example, the venue might provide a hook but if it’s on red brick or in a space with no windows, I’m going to go find somewhere else for that dress.

The clamps I use to clip the back of the dress if it’s open back to still maintain a good silhouette, secure tricky dresses to the hanger and sometimes secure the veil to the dress for photos. They are gentle but strong. Those tiny ones are only about the size of a silver dollar.


I love my assortment of ring boxes but I would ideally like to invest in more in the future! I do encourage my brides to get their own ring boxes because they can be such perfect heirloom pieces but I keep these on hand for the brides who don’t have their own.

The wax seals and stamps are lovely for styling with invitation suites. Etsy has lots of small shops with assortments of vintage stamps. I do think it’s important to use at least slightly vintage ones for styling. They don’t have to be 100 years old but you don’t want ones that you could pick up at the post office now.

Of course, my kit would be nothing without the ribbon! I mainly have velvet and silk all from various stores on Etsy but there are a few affordable options HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE too.


This one might seem crazy but I have a small selection of large paint sample papers. They’re great micro-reflectors and can serve as backgrounds for macro shots in a pinch.


I am on the hunt for more ring dishes but I snagged this pineapple one a few years ago and I loooove it. It’s the one item that I will use fairly often that my brides recognize! A bride once exclaimed, “Oh gosh! It’s the pineapple!! I get the pineapple!!” while I was styling her details. So cute.


I have a small selection of fabric and cheese cloth for creating surfaces or layering. The lace and sequin pieces are large 1 yard cuts and the cheesecloth are 12”x12” samples.


I pack all of this into a very handy travel makeup kit that keeps it all organized. I also have a few clear pouches to separate some of the more delicate items. I’m always looking for new items to add to my kit and I love shopping for those ribbons, searching for beautiful stamps and waiting for new and unique ring box colors! I hope this helps you if you’ve been wondering how to start building your own kit or wondering what I bring along to weddings!