Passion is great but it’s only a fraction of running a business.
- Lori Greiner


Why Savannah, Why Mentoring?

I started my business during my first two years of college after friends of our family trusted me to capture their children - looking back, it was such an honor. Who was I to be trusted with their fleeting little memories?! Just a year later, after shooting tirelessly and passionately, I was asked to capture a wedding. That bride and groom are one of my dearest repeat clients even to this day. Weddings sparked something in me. Because they involved so much preparation leading up to the actual wedding day, they awakened the inner part of me that absolutely adores the organizational and technical side of business. Sure, I love shooting. But have you ever heard me go on a long, energetic rant about workflow or emails?!

After going full time with Savannah Smith Photography in the fall of 2014, I also had the blessed opportunity to become a boutique private photo editor for more than 25 successful photographer’s across the country. I learned the value of consistency in editing, the importance of getting images correct in camera, how to shoot for your particular style and how to correct almost anything in Lightroom. In addition to the valuable editing and brand recognition skills that I gained, I went on to take over the client care side of the business as well - communicating with dozens and dozens of photographers daily about editing, pain points in their business, outsourcing and troubleshooting.

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It’s uncommon for creatives to love the small business side of their job but it is truly something that I love and enjoy coaching on. I was you. You’ve been trying, tirelessly, to figure it all out on your own. You’ve got all of the buzzword hashtags down pat… #girlboss #hustle #momboss #goaldigger #selfmade #calledtocreate #bosslady … but the success you dreamed of just isn’t happening. You aren’t sure where to start or where to go next. I’ve watched too many female creative small business owners FAIL on their own volition simply because they were placing outward blame instead of reflecting inward. Chances are, you’re focused on lenses or editing presets when I want you to focus on how you’re communicating with your clients, how potential clients view your business and if you’re charging what you’re worth.

Creative business mentoring allows you to get direct, unbiased and tailored feedback on what is working in your business and what needs a little extra attention. The goal is to inspire you and arm you with the tools you need to take your business to new heights and see measurable growth.

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The in-person coaching intensive

I’m so excited to offer exclusive, in-person, one-on-one mentoring for those looking to kick off, grow or expand their photography business. Only a few sessions will be available each year. Covering nine broad-ranging business and photography topics, this coaching intensive will take a deep dive into your personal photography business and allow you to receive direct feedback and recommendations to see measurable growth and immediate enhancements in your professionalism.

Each coaching session is tailored specifically to your personal needs and place in business - so they’re perfect for wherever you are in your business journey. Included in the half-day mentoring session is also two custom Lightroom presets that I’ll design to fit your brand, a full dive into my exact client workflow, a lunch Q&A, a website and social media critique, a six-month email check-in, headshots by me and a bonus two free client email templates! All one-on-one coaching sessions take place in my home in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania.


the online coaching mini playbook

THIS. This is a true passion coming to fruition. I know not everyone is able to invest in or travel for intensive in-person coaching and I still want to be able to touch the lives of other creative entrepreneurs. The Online Coaching Mini Playbook is an e-coaching option for any creative business owner. You’ll choose two of the available business topics to take a deep dive into and receive personalized web-based mentoring and feedback with actionable ways you can grow your business.

Mentoring topics for photographers and other creative small business owners include:
workflow coaching, website review and feedback, social media mentoring, portfolio critique and editing help, client communication and building a community, business organization and pain points. Mentees receive a custom tailored PDF action plan with feedback, critiques and growth guidance along with a 30 minute phone call with me! Online coaching mini playbook sessions are available for any creative small business owner regardless of their location.


You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.

- Sophia Bush