The online Coaching mini playbook


The Online Coaching Mini Playbook is an e-coaching option for any creative business owner. You’ll choose two of the available business topics to take a deep dive into and receive personalized web-based mentoring and feedback with actionable ways you can grow your business.

Mentoring topics for photographers and other creative small business owners include:
workflow coaching, website review and feedback, social media mentoring, portfolio critique and editing help, client communication and building a community, business organization and pain points. Mentees receive a custom tailored PDF action plan with feedback, critiques and growth guidance along with a 30 minute phone call with me!

Online coaching mini playbook sessions are available for any creative small business owner regardless of their location.



The Online Coaching Mini Playbook is perfect for all creative small business owners - not just photographers! Maybe you’re doing an amazing job at balancing #allthethings but you need some guidance and mentoring on just some areas of your business. Mini Playbook mentees can be located anywhere around the world too - this coaching option is all digital! Please note that only some of the topics offered at the In-Person Coaching Intensive are available with the Online Coaching Mini Playbook.

  • You’ll choose two of the business mentoring topics listed below

  • I will send you an intensive questionnaire to help me begin your coaching

  • I’ll create a custom 10+ page PDF with honest and unbiased feedback including images and to-do’s, actionable goals and immediate tasks for big change - this is your MINI PLAYBOOK!

  • We will schedule a 30 minute phone call to go through my critiques and suggestions together where I can answer any additional questions you might have



  1. Post-processing workflow coaching including Lightroom, gallery delivery, image storage and organization

    • For photographers only! You’ll share your current workflow from when you end a session/wedding to when you deliver images to the client. I’ll identify areas of improvement, where you could streamline tasks and the potential for outsourcing. I’ll provide a comprehensive look at SSP’s workflow, Lightroom organization and image storage/backup.

  2. Portfolio critique and editing help

    • For photographers only! You’ll provide your online portfolio + 12 RAW image files for a full critique of how your images represent your brand, what you could do differently, what you’re doing wonderfully already and how to improve. I’ll review your editing style and provide direct, actionable feedback on how to gain more consistency in your work including edited samples. I’ll help you curate your online portfolio to show the absolute best of your work and style. I’ll share 4 action items that you can do immediately to be a better shooter and editor.

  3. Website review and feedback

    • For any small business owner! You’ll share your website along with what you love, what you don’t, what is working and what isn’t. I’ll provide a comprehensive critique with photos and examples of how your website could serve you better, what is working well as it is and what your website says about you. I’ll share action items that you can do immediately to make a difference.

  4. Social media mentoring

    • For any small business owner! I’ll take a look at your social media channels and provide a comprehensive critique of where you could do better, point out and big no-no’s, give help with finding your “voice” and how to engage more with your customers. I’ll share a list of action items that you can do immediately to make a difference.

  5. Client communication, client care, client touchpoints and building a community

    • For any small business owner! We’ll go over some of your challenges within interacting with your clients. Maybe you’re burdened with too many email questions or maybe you have trouble converting inquiries to paying clients - we’ll address the issues by taking a look at your current communication strategies and finding a way to streamline and optimize them. We’ll look together at actionable ways you can create a community from your clients and benefit from community marketing.

  6. Business organization, financials and legalities

    • For any small business owner! Maybe you’re just trying to launch your business or you’ve been operating haphazardly under the table for some time now - we’ll take a look at the back end of your business and I’ll provide guidance on where to start with taxes, accounting and obtaining legal advice. We’ll go through a checklist of what you may need to do business legally.

  7. Pain points

    • For any small business owner! If you have a business problem or need advice and guidance on something not listed above or a few tiny areas of your business like file organization, how to begin outsourcing or even developing your brand - this one's for you! We will identify the pain point and create a plan of attack to eliminate it.


Motivation and passion may have gotten you started in the creative industry,
but strategy and action will keep your business going. - Lauren Hooker



I get it, you want to know that you’re making a smart financial decision. I just encourage you to remember that you are your business. An investment in personalized coaching is an investment into your future success as a creative small business.

The investment into your business-changing and life-changing personalized coaching mini playbook is $189.00.